AD FS Help Claims X-Ray Token Response

Claims X-Ray

Use the Claims X-ray service to debug and troubleshoot problems with claims issuance. The service interacts with your AD FS deployment and helps you issue the claims that you need for your applications.

You can choose between different authentication methods and request types, and we will show you all of the claims returned by your federation service. Customize your policies to get just the claims you want.

  • Something went wrong!

    An invalid response was returned from the specified federation service. Here are a few things that you should check:

    • The federation service is running on all AD FS nodes.
    • The web application proxy service is running on all WAP servers.
    • The Claims X-Ray relying party trust was created.

    If you are using oAuth, you also need to check:

    • The oAuth client was created.
    • If you are running Windows Server 2016, the oAuth client was granted permissions to the Claims X-Ray relying party trust.
    • The federation service is available externally.

    If the above are true and you're still having a problem, send us a message via Feedback and we'll take a look.