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Offline Tools

The AD FS community and team have created multiple tools that are available for download. From PowerShell scripts to standalone applications, you'll have different options to expand your toolbox. This is a comprehensive list of the downloadable tools that are currently available. Learn more >

Tooling is something that is an ongoing effort, so check back here for updates!

AD FS Event Module

This module provides tools for gathering related AD FS events from the security, admin, and debug logs, across multiple servers. This tool also allows the user to reconstruct the HTTP request/response headers from the logs.

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Azure AD Style Login Page

Like the Azure Active Directory login page experience? This custom theme allows your AD FS to look just like it.

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AD FS Login Page Telemetry using App Insights

Do you want to gain more insight into your end user's AD FS experience? This customization adds telemetry for things like prompt rate and login reliability.

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Username Password Second Factor

This adapter enables performing username/password authentication as multi-factor authentication.

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AD FS Web Customizations from Our Community

Want to see what web customizations other people are using and contributing? Do you have your own web customization you think someone might want? Check out our collection of community customizations.

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MFA Page Loading Wheel

Is your MFA provider slow to react to user input? Add this waiting wheel to your AD FS customization to provide feedback to the user.

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Diagnostics Module

PowerShell script to do basic health checks against AD FS. Determines if AD FS is in a healthy state.

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WID Sync

PowerShell script to force a full Windows Internal Database (WID) sync to an AD FS secondary node.

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Change AD FS Service Account Module

PowerShell module that allows the AD FS service account to be changed. Such functionality may be especially useful if the current service account has been compromised.

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AD FS Automated User Interface Testing

Testing infrastructure for automated browser testing against AD FS.

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AD FS Risk Assessment Model Sample – Risky IP Plug-in

Build your own plug-ins to block or assign a risk score to authentication requests. To learn more, checkout this sample plugin that blocks authentication requests for risky IPs.

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AD FS Risk Assessment Model Sample – Risky User Plug-in

Build your own plug-in that leverages user risk level determined by Azure AD Identity Protection to block authentication or enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA). To learn more, checkout this sample plug-in.

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AD FS Rapid Restore Tool

AD FS Rapid Restore Tool can be used to restore an AD FS farm or stand-up an identical one for testing. Use it for anything from backups to duplicating your environment for pre-production testing.

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