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Diagnostics Analyzer

Use the Diagnostics Analyzer to run a comprehensive health check on your AD FS server. After you run a PowerShell script and obtain the JSON file that the script provides, we will show you the resulting diagnosis of your server and reasons for any failures, as well as provide steps for resolution.

  • AD FS Diagnostics Analyzer helps run multiple checks across both AD FS and WAP servers. It helps reduce the manual effort in troubleshooting issues in your AD FS environment.

    To run the Diagnostics Analyzer, you must install the AD FS Toolbox PowerShell module. Based on connectivity to the internet from your AD FS server, you can install the ADFSToolbox module directly from the PowerShell gallery. In case of no connectivity to the internet, you can clone the GitHub repository for manual installation.

    PowerShell version 4.0 or greater is required for this module. You can run $PSVersionTable.PSVersion.Major in a PowerShell window to get the PowerShell version. Learn how to upgrade to PowerShell 4.0 >

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  • Run the PowerShell command below to execute diagnostics tests and create the output file.

    On an AD FS 2016 server, the module automatically detects the AD FS servers in the farm based on your AD FS configuration. For 2012 R2, and in cases where the server listed in the configuration of the AD FS 2016 farm is not correct, you can use –adfsServers argument to specify the AD FS / WAP servers on which the tests need to be executed.

    For example: Export-AdfsDiagnosticsFile -adfsServers @("", "", "")

    See for more details.

    Note: If you need to run the tests on your WAP servers that are not domain joined, run the same cmdlet on the individual WAP servers and upload the files individually.

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